Guadalupe County, Texas CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Guadalupe County, Texas CDL Speeding Ticket Attorneys

If you received a traffic citation in any of the various courts in Guadalupe County, contact our lawyers immediately and protect your permanent driving record.  The Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) traffic ticket lawyers at Joyner + Joyner, P.C. have successfully represented hundreds of CDL clients throughout the State of Texas.

As a Commercial Driver’s License holder, you understand the importance of maintaining a clean driving record.  In Texas, a traffic ticket on your driving record may result in points and could jeopardize your employment.  Due to recent changes in the law, there are fewer options for case dismissals with CDLs than with a standard driver’s license.  However,  it is not impossible to obtain dismissals in some cases or at least attempt to reduce the points associated with a citation.  If you received a traffic ticket and you have a CDL, contact the traffic ticket lawyers at Joyner + Joyner today to discuss your available options.

Contact our CDL traffic ticket attorneys to learn more about the options that may be available in your case.

  • Grounds for dismissal. Our goal is to obtain a dismissal.  Our lawyers will research all the options available in your case and determine whether there are grounds for dismissal.  If we are able to obtain a dismissal, then the charges will be dismissed and your permanent driving record will remain intact.
  • Keep citations off your record. If the charges are legitimate and a dismissal is not possible, then our traffic ticket lawyers will negotiate with the State and attempt to reach a settlement where the charges do not appear on your driving record.
  • Minimize the damage. In the event that the citation goes on your record, our CDL traffic ticket lawyers will advocate on your behalf and attempt to reduce the points and the fees associated with the citation.
  • Request a trial. Some of our clients wish to pursue litigation.  Our attorneys will represent you at trial and fight for your rights.

At Joyner + Joyner, our CDL traffic ticket lawyers have the experience and expertise to resolve your CDL traffic tickets in Guadalupe County and throughout the State of Texas.  Contact our CDL attorneys today so we can let you know how we can help you!

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